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Florida Arrest Warrant For Failure to Appear

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Florida Bench Warrant Lawyers

A person’s failure to appear in court for any scheduled, promised or mandatory appearance is a violation of the law and may result in a bench warrant issued for his or her immediate arrest, fines, license suspension and other penalties. Although some Florida courts and law enforcement agencies are overloaded, a failure to appear charge is not taken lightly. Many judges will issue a bench warrant if you do not appear for your court appearance. A charge of failure to appear even includes a person who misses his or her jury summons!

If you did not appear for your scheduled court appearance, take a moment and contact an experienced Tampa attorney who has experience in defending failure to appear cases. A warrant attorney will be able to accompany you to court and help you avoid heavy penalties and fines. By arriving with your attorney, you are proving to the judge that you are serious about handling your case. You may be able to avoid a large bail amount or the label of “flight risk”, which may make the court deny your release altogether.

Failure to Appear Information

At Finebloom & Haenel, P.A our Sarasota criminal defense attorneys have dealt with all types of failure to appear cases and know what is needed when we accompany you to court and negotiate the terms of your release as well as the dismissal of your Florida bench warrant. Our experienced defense lawyers deal with warrants and defenses for:

  • Failure to appear at traffic court after a traffic violation or citation
  • Failure to appear for a civil case
  • Failure to appear for a criminal case
  • Failure to appear for jury duty or jury summons
  • Failure to appear and show proof of progress or completion of community service or counseling, as ordered by the court and as promised by the defendant
  • Failure to appear after a release from custody and a promise to return to court at a certain date/time

Are you facing a failure to appear charge? Contact a Tampa warrant attorney today.

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