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Bench Warrant FAQ

What should I do if I have a bench warrant out in my name? You should go to court immediately, with your Tampa bench warrant attorney. Your attorney will know what information you will need at court and will also know what defense techniques to use so you do not end up facing harsh penalties or a large bail amount when you do appear in court.

What is a bench warrant? A bench warrant is one of the most common forms of warrants, usually issued by a judge after a person’s failure to appear at a mandatory court appearance. A bench warrant may be issued due to any “contempt of court”, a violation of court rules or order or absence at a scheduled court appearance.

What does a bench warrant state? A bench warrant will order you to show up in court voluntarily at a certain time, or you will face arrest or seizure by law enforcement.

If there’s a bench warrant out for my arrest, will I be taken into custody immediately? If you have a bench warrant out for your arrest, you can be arrested on sight. It does not matter where you are or what time of day or night it is. However, due to the overload in most law enforcement agencies, you will not be actively sought out if your bench warrant is for a petty offense. In that case, you would most likely be caught only if you were breaking another law, such as a traffic law.

What happens after I’m arrested? You will be taken to court by the law enforcement officers. Sometimes, if you have enough cash on your person, you may be able to pay a large fine and promise to come to court at a different time. That, however, would most likely only work with a minor offense.

Will I be held without bail? That is a possibility, particularly in bench warrants issued due to major offenses or crimes. Because you already missed one court appearance, the court will likely assume that you will not show up for a future appearance and so may not allow bail at all.

Can I get my bench warrant dismissed? It is possible that, with the help of a skilled bench warrant lawyer, you can get your warrant dismissed. You may be able to avoid a large bail amount as well, or be released on your own recognizance, as the act of hiring a lawyer helps to prove that you are not a flight risk.

Do you have an outstanding Tampa or Sarasota bench warrant? Contact our warrant lawyers today!

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